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You have a vision for your creative career and you're about to take the next step.

You're producing your next feature, starting a production company, writing or selling a script, blowing up on social media, hiring a manager/agent, hired as cast or crew on a show/movie/digital series, or something of the sort. 

You have creative talent but could use some guidance when it comes to making the deal.

Nobody wants to be taken for a ride and you're worried about signing any paper after the horror stories you've heard about stolen intellectual property, failures to pay artists, and bad deals in general. 

Don't walk into uncharted territory without a guide who has been there before.

With Pitt Entertainment Law I'll be there every step of the way to safeguard your vision and move your project through the legal intricacies of the entertainment industry.

"Asa was production counsel on my feature film, The Mattachine Family. I feel very fortunate to have had his legal guidance and expertise from start to finish. Asa was an exceptional communicator who coordinated deals that suited all parties for agents, managers, and talent. Asa shored up and led all legal matters for the film and ensured that the film got made. He also demonstrated great problem-solving skills for the many unexpected issues that arise while making a feature film and I always felt like I was in the best hands possible. I highly recommend Asa to any creative looking for legal support for film/television projects or for legal representation."

- Andrew Vallentine
(Director/Producer of “The Mattachine Family” and Owner of The Audio\Visual Crew)


Step 1

Call anytime or fill out the contact form to schedule your free consultation.

Step 2

At your consultation, we'll talk through your situation and determine the best course of action.

Step 3

Asa takes care of the rest.

A Career Devoted To Protecting Artists

You're the star of the show but you need a little bit of guidance (particularly with Business & Legal Affairs) to cross the finish line. Safeguarding your vision from the pitfalls of showbusiness brings me an incredible amount of pride.

Understanding the extraordinary amount of work and passion that goes into your art, motivates me to protect it. I know how hard you've hustled to get to this point. You've worked 14 hour days on set, revised countless scripts in pursuit of perfection, stayed up past midnight finalizing that budget, and rehearsed your lines hundreds of times. As your lawyer, it's my mission to ensure that you're treated fairly and that your rights are protected.

Every artist has the power to execute their vision but not every artist knows how to protect it. Stop looking over your shoulder and let me safeguard your vision every step of the way. 

Call me anytime or fill out a contact form to schedule your free consultation.

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"Asa is great! I had an issue and helped me negotiate a settlement, protect myself legally from potential future lawsuits, and provided all the advice I needed to navigate this very difficult situation. Highly recommend!"

- Kristen Van Nest

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Pitt Entertainment Law is a law firm representing independent creators (Production Companies, Producers, Writer, Directors, Physical Production Crew, Actors, and Social Media Influencers) across Film, Television, and Social Media.

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