Creative Control, Edits, Turnaround, and Post Date

Clarify Your Timeline

Always clarify the timeline for a social media brand post, starting from the day the contract is made up until the date(s) the content is posted. Brand deals usually have a loose post date (ex. the post shall be made between February 1 and February 14) but other times the post date is precise (ex. the content shall be posted February 1 at 5pm PST). If a brand takes the time to spell out the post date, it's important that the influencer makes the post within that time frame so as to not upset the brand or hurt the influencer's reputation. 

The mistake a lot of influencers make is agreeing to a post date without accounting for what needs to happen prior to the post. If the brand is going to provide creative feedback that the influencer is required to adhere to, then the influencer has to consider things like: (1) the amount of edits the influencer is willing to make, (2) how quickly does the influencer have to return the edits, (3) how quickly does the brand have to make their comments, and (4) will the influencer be allowed additional time to meet the post date. 

If the brand is giving feedback, then the influencer needs to be extremely wary of the timeline because if the influencer doesn't spell out the timeline in their contract, the brand could make it nearly impossible for the influencer to finish on time. I've heard of cases where the influencer feels abused because they're being forced to make edits at the last second. 

When I'm working on a social media brand deal, I always make sure to either carefully spell out the timeline or include language that states every time the brand gives feedback the influencer has a certain additional period of time to make the post without being held in breach of contract. 

The only time an influencer doesn't need to worry about the timeline too much is when the influencer has complete creative control. When the influencer has complete creative control, they can make their content however they please which makes it easy for the influencer to comply with the post date.  I always try to get my clients complete creative control with their content. 

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