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Social media is evolving too fast to solidify “industry standards”. As the legal representative for clients with millions of followers, I'm always amazed by some of the language some brands will try to sneak into the contracts of unsuspecting social media influencers. Deals with brands and influencers of any size can be lucrative, but a lot of times brands and influencers alike simply do not understand what should be included in their agreements.

As your Attorney, I will negotiate, review, and revise deals to make sure you're in the best possible situation.

My mission is to ensure that your rights are protected and you're paid what you're worth

"It's hard to find an attorney who's as driven about my own career as I am, but working with Asa has been a game-changer. He works with me across all areas of my career, including theatrical agreements/terms (acting and producing), as well as social media brand deals! Asa is passionate, patient, and precise when it comes to making deals and working through agreements, and I know that his expertise has saved me a lot of headaches--and money!"

- Garrett Clayton (IMDB, TikTok, Instagram)
(Actor/Producer known for King Kobra and Hairspray Live! 6M Social Media Followers)

"We absolutely LOVE working with Asa! He is so organized and always responds in a timely manner. He's been incredibly helpful and has locked in more deals for us than we've ever done in the past! Our TikTok has grown tremendously these past few months and there is no doubt that is because of Asa and his hard work!"

- Favorite Finds (1.3M On TikTok)

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