Nudity On Set

Tread With Caution

Tread with extreme caution when your project features any kind of nudity. Sexual misconduct allegations are a surefire way to burn your project to the ground so it's critical to go above and beyond when it comes to intimate moments on camera (it's also just human decency). It's always important to create a respectful and safe environment for all cast and crew, regardless of whether your project features nudity. 

Follow SAG Guidelines

Even if you are not a SAG shoot, it would be wise to follow the SAG guidelines when it comes to nudity. The most basic element of SAG nudity restrictions is to make sure that every actor appearing nude has signed a nudity rider. There are specific requirements that must be included in a nudity rider like highlighting every single page/scene when nudity occurs and exactly what kind of simulated sex the actor is agreeing to portray. SAG also requires that the set is limited to only critical personal (think skeleton crew) and that no still photography of any kind is taken. There are additional SAG nudity restrictions/requirements that are not included here. 

Body Doubles

Sometimes an actor's representative might try to include in their agreement or nudity rider that any unused nudity shots are destroyed and/or for proof of the destruction. It would be wise to do this regardless of whether it's in the agreement or not because the risk of such nudity being leaked isn't even worth it. If an actor isn't comfortable being depicted nude, they may request to use a body double subject to their approval (which is a normal provision). 

Intimacy Coordinators

Another addition you might want to consider adding to your crew is an intimacy coordinator. Intimacy coordinators are advocates and liaisons between actors and production regarding nudity and simulated sex. These people are extremely familiar with nudity prosthetics/garments and additional enforcers for monitoring closed sets. 

When it comes to nudity on set, you can't be too safe so it's always a good idea to go above and beyond and work with a lawyer to make sure every possible scenario is covered. Contact Pitt Entertainment Law for your free consultation by calling (424) 202-4239, emailing [email protected], or visiting the website at and filling out a consult form.  

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