Rights Agreements

Make sure that the Intellectual Property is properly licensed, owned, and controlled 

If you do nothing else, make sure that the proper parties control the right intellectual property. More projects have been shut down over rights disputes than you would like to know about. The following types of agreements are critical to your success:

  • Option Agreement

  • Shopping Agreement

  • Life Story Rights Agreement

  • Interview Releases
  • Appearance Releases
  • Certificate of Authorship
  • Purchase/Sale Agreement

  • Music Clearance and Licenses

  • Composer Agreement
  • Music Supervisor Agreement
  • Synchronization and Performance Rights Agreement
  • Key Art Clearance and Licenses

  • Chain of Title

  • Location Agreement

  • Clearance

"Great professional! Asa worked to make sure I had the proper contractual arrangements with my above the line personnel with speed, and thorough attention to my production details."

- Robert Harden
(Founder of The James Entertainment Group)

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