Production Legal (Film, TV, and New Media)

Negotiating, drafting, and reviewing all agreements on behalf of the production company from pre-production through post-production

(above-the-line, below-the-line, investor agreements, rights, location, vendors, guild compliance, etc.)

  • Screenplay Purchase Agreements 

  • Producer Agreements

  • Co-Production Agreements 

  • Talent Agreements 

  • Crew Agreements 

  • Location Agreements 

  • Vendor Agreements 

  • Licensing Agreements 

  • Chain of Title

  • Nudity Riders 

  • Minor Release Agreements

  • Copyright Registration

  • Clearance 

  • Union Compliance 

  • Option Agreements

  • Formation of Business Entities

"If you're putting together an entertainment team in the 21st century, Asa is a MUST HAVE on your A-Team. Whether you're a creative looking for another pair of eyes on a contract or an agent/manager looking for a reliable attorney you can trust with your top-tier talent, Asa's professionalism and wide breadth of knowledge is a breath of fresh air in this industry of pretentious wannabe's. I'm a 3rd year Agent and after having worked on multiple social media marketing/production contracts with Asa, I can't even begin to tell you how indispensable having someone who actually listens, takes notes and actually applies those notes is for your team. Asa's work ethic and integrity are unmatched. A true unicorn. Thanks for all your hard work! To many more deals to come."

- Dean Suttles

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