Asa Pitt


Hi, my name is Asa (Ace-uh). I am an Entertainment Lawyer based out of Los Angeles and member of the State Bar of California. With a little bit of guidance, I believe that every client can secure a fair deal. 

As someone who represents creatives, I am fully aware of the emotional burden they experience when it comes to making the deal. While it's always nerve-wracking for any artist looking for their next gig, my livelihood is based on effectively putting my clients in a position to succeed and ensuring that their rights are protected. Artists make art and lawyers make deals. 

I strongly encourage my clients to accept deals that are win-wins for everybody. I want my clients to be paid what they're worth and receive the credit they deserve. I take great pride in keeping deals balanced, honest, and moving towards the next one. 

In my down time I enjoy everyday things like football, movie theaters, and In-N-Out Burger. 

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"I've worked with Asa on multiple video production projects for my actor/influencer clients. Asa is very easy and pleasant to work with, professional, prompt/expedient. He will make things happen in a timely manner while making sure the client's best interest.Asa will explain things thoroughly to make sure We have a good understanding. I look forward to more collaborations down the road!"

- Yidi Li
(Post Production Coordinator at Amazon Studios and Co-Founder of Essential Media Works)

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Pitt Entertainment Law is a law firm representing independent creators (Production Companies, Producers, Writer, Directors, Physical Production Crew, Actors, and Social Media Influencers) across Film, Television, and Social Media.

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